Dedicated JavaScript Developers

Hire a remote JavaScript developer from Bangladesh, and save up to 50% on your software budget without sacrificing quality.

Why Hire JavaScript Developers with Appnometry?

  • Developers who are part of your company. When you hire a dedicated JavaScript programmer with Appnometry, your project will receive the undivided, full-time attention it deserves. The team is a part of your company and follows its code of conduct, which means they’ll get to know your business better than any freelancer or dev-shop programmer could.
  • Flexible staffing options. Whether you’re looking for one JavaScript programmer or a full development team, long-term, remote collaboration or relocation – we can provide the option that best suits your needs.
  • Team support for a flat monthly fee. Your remote JavaScript developers will need a work space, equipment, and support staff. That is why we provide your team with a fully equipped office and dedicated support staff, whose job it is to take care of HR, infrastructure, and payroll.
  • No third party involved. We take care of every aspect of your team’s life, but when it comes to development there will be no intermediary between you and your team. You will have full control over your project and work with your remote JavaScript developers directly, just like you would with an in-house team.
  • Expertise in nearshore/remote IT staffing. We have been working with Bangladesh programmers for over a decade, and have the recruitment channels and tools to find the developers our clients need, when they need them. Our HR team specializes in IT staffing, so they will be able to test JavaScript candidates and determine if they’re a good fit.
  • Free and Fast Recruitment. We only charge for the candidates you hire, so you won’t be billed for the hours our staff spends on recruitment. Our goal is to get you a result, not a long process. We typically have candidates ready for you to interview within 1-2 weeks.

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