CUDA Technology

NVIDIA’s CUDA technology harnesses the raw processing power of NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate computationally intense applications. With a refined tool chain and a mature software ecosystem, CUDA offers the utility needed to speed up a wide variety of applications across multiple domains.

Our Expertise

Appnometry has been developing with CUDA since the inception of the technology. We have the experience and expertise to fully extract the best performance from the language, bring the most acceleration to your applications. Our engineers have developed CUDA solutions for a number of different domains including :

  • linear algebra
  • Signal
  • image processing
  • life sciences
  • electromagnetics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Medical analysis simulations, for example virtual reality based on CT and MRI scan images
  • Accelerator physics and fluid dynamics.

At Appnometry, we work with customers across the entire spectrum of development. Whether you need a preliminary MATLAB code developed into a CUDA accelerated application, or an existing CUDA application accelerated further, the experts at Appnometry can help.

  • Our C/C++ developer expert on various paraller programming algorithom

  • Array programming

  • Parallel computing

  • Stream processing

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