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The Client

GoGolf is the trendiest and most active golf media in Finland with an ever expanding and captive clientele. They have rapidly grown to engulf the entire golf scene in Finland and now can boast as having the best fan base and readership in the region.

GoGolf is very actively presented on the web, mobile, videos, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TV, golf events and from 2014 onwards through our exciting digital magazine "Mulligan by GoGolf". Their video team travels around the world capturing the best golf moments from world tours including European Tour, Asian Tour, and Ladies Access Tour.

As devoted golfers themselves, they at GoGolf believe that golf is not only a privilege for a chosen few (often regarded as an expensive sport for the retired silver surfers), but also a dynamic sport across all demographic groups. They are reshaping and revitalizing the golf scene as young, fresh and exciting choice, not only for green card holders, but also for those with limited experience of this amazing sport. While creating more ways to enjoy the game, their goal is to drive the entire golf industry towards a healthier future.

GoGolf is a small company with 15 employees but they got client base of 9,000.

How we meet the client


The problem client had

GoGolf wanted to develop a mobile app to sell their products and services mainly golf courses online easily and create a large customer base and manage their needs. As a part they also needed a tool to develop and manage customer relationship. So they wanted to develop functional & effective tools for e-marketing; so that marketing campaigns can be executed through email & sms. Tools needed to publish & manage news, coupons, deals, special offers, shop items, events & these could be streamed to the mobile devices of the end user consumers.


The key to success was depended on developing the site and app synchronized to each other . The challenges were:

  • Synchronization between website and mobile app

  • Payment gateway integration in mobile app

  • Multi language option for both website and mobile app

  • Real time data transaction

Our solution

Appnometry provided both website and mobile app for GoGolf based on their business requirements. Our solution got following features

  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management

  • Marketing - Campaign management

  • Mobile -  Streamable items

  • Calendar - Helps keep track of events and dates

  • Guest list - Create, store and browse guest lists

  • Tasks - Things to do

  • Internal Contacts - Consists of company contacts

  • User management - Facilitates role-wise user access and management

Our approach to provide the solution

  • Requirement gathering: we did many online meetings with client to gather their requirements based on their business concept. Client also provided us a simple wireframe explaining their business concept

  • Wire framing: Based on the requirements we designed clickable HTML wireframe for the whole system to take approval for the process flow

  • UI design: We designed actual UI and took approval from client.

  • Phase wise development and approved each phase from client.

Technology we used:

Web application:

Development tool: PHP, CodeIgniter. Zend

Web service: Zend (Restful)

Database: MySQL server

Web server: Apache web server

Development IDE: Eclipse, Netbeans, Aptana studio, PHPStorm

Server OS: CentOS 6(recommended), Enterprise RedHat Linux, Ubuntu

Mobile application:

iOS: Objective C, XCode

Android: Java, Eclipse, Android Studio

Windows: C#, Microsoft Visual Studio


Appnometry completed the implementation in a record 6 months, which was one month earlier then the launching date of the product and reflected a significant increase in ROI for the client. GoGolf is the trendiest and most active golf media in Finland with an ever expanding and captive clientele now and has already seen online sales overtake offline sales in less than 2 months since launch.

Other tangible benefits included the following:

  • Support growth by 45% without additional labor resources

  • Improve product availability by as much as 56%

  • Reduce maintenance costs more than 50%

  • Improve internal and customer communications

  • Real life customer statical data is available now to the company

  • Marketing campaigns are very easy to manage now and proper statics is available now to plan future campaigns


6 months from the first contact.

Contact Person

Hanni Tyry

CEO, GoGolf

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What our Customers Say

"During the deployment and testing ,Up-gradation of Dilosys Mobile and Web Application service Appnometry’s personnel are working hard with their upmost dedication & professionalism, because of their dedicated support the system has been implemented as per our requirement and running successfully at from beginning to till now."
Miikka Vari
Technical Director, Dilosys

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